Qualitative Research

As a leading fieldwork agency in the healthcare space, Olson Research is uniquely positioned to deliver on qualitative research projects. Our qualitative capabilities cover global recruitment across a variety of methodologies including, but not limited to, in-depth interviews (both phone and in-person), focus groups (virtually and in-person), online discussion boards/forums, webcam interviews, etc.  Our team will oversee and facilitate all necessary aspects of a project from inception to completion and collaborate with third parties as needed.


screener and discussion guide design

Olson Research can develop the qualitative study materials, or simply serve in an advisory capacity on both screener and discussion guide development to align both with your research objectives. Working together, we will ensure the research is structured to ask the right questions to achieve your business objectives.



We have a number of moderators who we work with routinely for qualitative studies. Our moderators are experienced in the healthcare industry and have expertise in multiple therapeutic categories.


targeted recruitment

Our targeted recruitment methods will assure that the right respondents are participating in your studies. Over nearly 30 years in business, we have cultivated a reliable database of healthcare professionals. Our database is refreshed regularly and validated through exclusive partnerships in the industry to insure accuracy.


summary reports

Results may be delivered in a variety of formats. Most often our clients receive a summary report highlighting the key findings from the research and linking the study objectives with actionable recommendations to guide key business decisions.

Qualitative Case Studies

Payer Qual Study


To understand how Payers will manage a new product with a novel mechanism of action in a crowded therapeutic category.


15 Qualitative tele-depth interviews conducted with a national sample of Medical Directors and Pharmacy Directors from Managed Care Organizations.


3 week turnaround from design to report delivery.

Global Qual Study


To evaluate a target product profile along with competitive product profiles in order to understand treatment paradigms used by physicians in a particular therapeutic category.


Qualitative tele-depth interviews conducted with Neurologists and Gastroenterologists in the US (n=39) and across EU5 (n=60) to gather reactions to multiple target profiles.


Discussion guides translated, interviews conducted, and English transcripts delivered in 10 weeks, transcripts delivered throughout the fielding phase on a rolling basis.

Rapid Results Qual Study


To evaluate the potential acquisition of a new asset to be used in a hospital setting.


15 Qualitative tele-depth interviews conducted with Physicians and Payers to gather reactions to the target product profile.


Guide developed and discussions conducted within 1 week, topline report with recommendations delivered one week after project initiation.

National Qual Study


To review potential communications material for a new targeted therapy for a rare cancer type.


3 US cities – in each city a focus group with 4-6 participants conducted with an additional 3 in-depth face to face interviews to gather more individualized information from respondents.


Set up, recruitment and research completed in 3 weeks which allowed client to meet interim and final analysis research deadlines.

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