Quantitative Research

As a leading fieldwork agency in the healthcare space, Olson Research is uniquely positioned to deliver on quantitative research projects.  Our quantitative capabilities encompass global recruitment and data collection from simple, univariate needs to highly complex, multivariate surveys. Our quick turnaround offerings allow for quantitative results in as little as one week, while our ability to custom develop complex inputs such as chart studies and conjoint exercises is unparalleled in the industry.  With both extensive internal reach into physician and HCP populations and a robust network of industry partners, our systems and approach allow us to maximize sample across the general and specialty markets.


screener and survey design

We are happy to advise our clients on screener development to insure you are targeting the appropriate respondents to align with your research objectives.  Similarly, we can provide assistance in the development of survey instruments working together with you to ask the right questions to achieve your business objectives.


in-house customized programming

Our in-house programming and quality control team is among the best in the industry, providing custom dynamic  programming capabilities, including high complexity chart studies and conjoint surveys.  Additionally, we maintain an on-going partnership with an offshore agency which allows our clients to take advantage of 24/7 programming capabilities.


client access portal

For all quantitative studies we field, we offer a client access portal which allows you to monitor survey progress in real time.


data tabulations and summary reports

Results for your project may be delivered in a variety of formats.  Most often our clients receive data files in SPSS or Excel formats. Cross-tabulations are also available as a deliverable for any quantitative study, regardless of whether or not you desire a summary report.

Quantitative Case Studies

Patient Chart Study


To collect patient-level data in order to understand treatment history, including treatment initiation, changes in treatment and treatment preferences.


N=200+ respondents across multiple specialties and practice settings, gaining insight from HCPs involved with all stages of patient care.
Each respondent completed 3 patient charts.


The complex patient chart survey was programmed over the course of two weeks, with fielding being conducted in three weeks.
Interim data was delivered throughout fielding, and the final data file was provided one day after recruitment ended.

Global Market Landscape Study


To understand physicians’ receptivity and potential usage in the treatment algorithm for a novel product in development.


355 high volume treaters in this therapeutic category participated in an online survey.
Statistically significant sample of physicians from US, Canada, Europe, and Emerging Markets participated.
Results compiled in a summary report analyzed at the regional and country level, and by market segment.


12 weeks from initial survey design to final presentation of results.

Rapid Results Quant Study


To evaluate the impact of a potentially disruptive market event on an acquisition already in late stages of negotiation.


Quick mobilization of a team to launch an online survey within 24 hours on a Friday afternoon.
Fielding over a weekend with results for 300 PCPs and Endocrinologists delivered on Monday morning.


5 day turnaround from initial contact to results delivery.

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