Olson Research Group’s
 Paul Allen 
Wins PMRG’s 
President’s Award

October 21st, 2014

Olson Research is pleased to announce that Paul Allen, our Executive Vice President of Business Development, has been awarded PMRG’s prestigious President’s Award at this year’s PMRG Institute.

According to PMRG, the annual award was created in 2007 to recognize a PMRG member who demonstrates long-term commitment to PMRG. Award recipients must also advocate PMRG beyond personal gain, and consistently offer his/her time and knowledge to further the organization’s cause.

Paul has been a longtime supporter of and contributor to PMRG’s efforts. Whether moderating panels, presenting sessions, or providing a consistent presence at PMRG events, Paul has made it a priority to give back to an organization that supports and advances the pharmaceutical marketing research industry. As all of us with busy work lives know, it is not easy to fit volunteer tasks into our work schedules, yet we all collectively benefit from those who make this a priority.

Thank you to the PMRG Executive Committee for bestowing this award, and thank you, Paul, for representing Olson Research so well! 

Paul can be reached at 267.352.4942 or pallen@olsonresearchpa.com.