Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platforms: Industry Landscape

March 24th, 2013

Industry Insights Volume 4: Issue 4

Using our internet-based tool OlsonOnlineā„¢, fueled by the engine of our proprietary healthcare database, Olson Research surveyed more than 1,600 US healthcare professionals, including a mix of PCPs, specialists, and NP/PAs from solo, group, and hospital-based practices in January 2013. The objective for the research pieces was to delve deeper into the EHR platforms that are most commonly used by healthcare professionals in this increasingly crowded industry. It is worth noting that 79% of respondents are currently using EHRs, 42% of EHR Non-users are most likely to be solo practitioners and 76% of respondents have been using EHRs for more than one year.

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